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We’ve been following the New York Times’ Recipes for Health section lately and wanted to share a recent entry. This spinach bouillabaisse looks divine, healthy and filling!

Check out the recipe on the NY Times website here.


Whole grains are essential to a healthy diet and have lots of great benefits, including curbing our risk for cancer and numerous other health issues. MD Anderson has created an easy list of what are and aren’t really true whole grains that we can all use as we do our grocery shopping and cooking. Its a great thing to keep handy to help you eat well!

Check out MD Anderson’s list here.


Sometimes, all we need for a healthy boost are a few ingredient substitutions in our favorite meals. Often these changes don’t alter the taste we love or crave, but can dramatically cut back on some of the additives, fats and oils certain items contain.

The Mayo Clinic has a great chart with ingredient substitutions that is definitely worth checking out here.

The Mayo Clinic website offers hundreds of healthy recipes searchable by main ingredients, course of the day and even by certain diets, such as low-carb, low-sodium and high-fiber plans. Find recipes that are right for you or a loved one.

Fruits and veggies in heart tape

In the spirit of her famed tagline “Live your best life,” Oprah Winfrey and members of her staff recently took on a new food challenge: going vegan for a week. That meant no meat, no fish, no milk, no eggs or other animal products for seven full days. The vegan challenge went over so well that Oprah has now instituted Meatless Mondays, which is part of a national campaign to get Americans to reduce their meat consumption by 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of the planet. Click here to watch Oprah’s staff talk about their experience with the vegan challenge or click here to get the FAQs about eating vegan.

Lighten up for the summer with this quick and easy healthy recipe.