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About Us

stayhealthyla.org is a referral service that unites many US payday lenders. Payday lenders provide individuals and legal entities with cash loans of up to $2,500 for a period not exceeding 1 year. Unlike banks, microfinance institutions do not have the right to attract deposits and invest in securities. Microfinance services lies in the issuance of payday loans within the framework of capital attracted at the expense of founders and lenders. Since MFIs cannot attract large loan funds within the framework of their activities, they provide small amounts for a short time, setting a very high interest rate.

The list of documents for issuing a loan in an online lender is much shorter than in a bank, and besides, you will not be required to provide collateral and guarantors. In most cases, MFI clients are borrowers who have not passed the standard check at the bank and need a more loyal solvency assessment.

On the stayhealthyla.org, you will find an up-to-date list of MFIs by rating, where you can apply for a payday loan. In total, many microfinance companies are presented here with a full list of programs they offer and a detailed description of the terms.

Your personal guide to the sphere of financial solutions:

  • always up-to-date and complete database;
  • accuracy and impartiality of comparison;
  • calculations with an online calculator, taking into account all payments and commissions;
  • today’s best deals.

What are payday loans?

If you need money quickly, choose a reliable company and offer without big overpayments.

Stayhealthyla will select the most advantageous offer for you without overpayments and commissions, save money as much as possible and take into account your interest.

Payday loans are a product with a high interest rate for maturity and risks. The difference in the total cost of a loan in different organizations can differ – tens of times, and it is not always easy to calculate it. The loan calculator will show you how much you will pay for urgent money in different companies and will tell you where the offer is the most profitable. Plus, you’ll save time by applying online.

Why is the stayhealthyla.org useful?

  • We make sure that you do not overpay;
  • Helping you not to waste your money;
  • We show how to save hundreds of dollars on the difference in rates, terms and other parameters. Especially when it comes to mortgages, car loans, insurance;
  • Ultra-precise calculator compares current offers, choosing from them those that minimize your costs.

We guarantee the objectivity of the comparison

It is not difficult for us to be objective, because the decision about which product is more profitable is made by the calculator program. It compares the characteristics of a product by their numerical values – amounts, terms, rates, profitability, and dozens of others. And it gives the result with an accuracy of a penny – without any participation of the human factor.

Monitor the relevance of the data

An entire analytical department carefully monitors all changes in the world of finance – so that our calculations are correct. And the main thing is that you really find the most advantageous option for yourself.

Make working with data simple and straightforward

You enter the parameters of interest, and the calculator does the rest of the work – it “pulls” information from the database on all products, compares hundreds of offers by dozens of criteria and displays the result, ranking from the most advantageous offer.