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Generic Drug Facts

Generics are medications that copy an expensive drug. Such a copy will иу effective because the active substance in generics is no different from the original. The dosage may vary. Therefore, before buying, you should carefully study the product description. Reading the description of any drug is necessary, whether it is a potent medical or homeopathic medicine. Each generic performs a certain function or has a certain pharmacological action. Some relieve headache, toothache, muscle pain. Others eliminate nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. But also each of the drugs has contraindications. The description should be read very […]


How Can I Get Cheap Prescriptions?

How to save on prescriptions is an eternal question that interests every person who has to regularly spend huge sums at drugstores. Statistics indicate that Americans spend about 10 billion dollars on medicines every year. And this amount tends to increase. It was determined that the majority of Americans ignore cheap analogues of expensive medicines and continue to buy expensive products. But generic drugs that cost 2-4 times lower work no worse. If you know all the nuances, you have the perfect opportunity to save a lot of money. Also, be sure to ask how […]


Decoding Your Prescriptions:Understanding Pharmacy Abbreviations

Dosage and release forms amp. ampule aero. aerosol AA applicator VAG vaginal G. granular eye gtt eye drops derm. dermatological HYP/H hypodermic inf. infusion elix. elixir NPO nothing by mouth per os by mouth, orally susp. suspension gtt. drops cap. capsule cr, crm cream emuls. emulsion IUD intrauterine device conc. concentrate liq. liquid lin. liniments lot. lotion NAS. nasal MDI metered-dose inhaler pulv. powder supp suppository syr. syrup tab tablet tinct, tr tincture troche lozenge ung ointment μL microliter XT extended-release vol. volume vol % volume percent w/v weight in volume


How Much Do Prescription Drugs Cost Without Insurance?

Each insurance plan has a very long and detailed list of services, procedures, and prescriptions that it covers. By the way, almost all drugs in the US are sold by prescription. An insurance plan usually comes to you with a whole book of hundreds of pages (Summary of Benefits) listing everything covered by the plan. On the insurance company’s website, you can usually dig into the database of covered drug plans. It is likely that your medicine is not covered by any plans (in this case, you can try to find a covered analog). This […]


Definition of Rx

Prescription – a medical document containing a written request from a doctor (paramedic, midwife, dentist) to a pharmacy about the dispensing of a medicine in a certain dosage and form with an indication of its use. Prescription is the basis for the sale of most medications. The exception is drugs included in the “List of medications and medical devices dispensed without a doctor’s prescription”. The prescription should be written out using a pen. All the fields should be filled, corrections are not allowed. The following forms of prescription are used for: dispensing medications at full […]


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