How Much Do Prescription Drugs Cost Without Insurance?

Each insurance plan has a very long and detailed list of services, procedures, and prescriptions that it covers. By the way, almost all drugs in the US are sold by prescription. An insurance plan usually comes to you with a whole book of hundreds of pages (Summary of Benefits) listing everything covered by the plan. On the insurance company’s website, you can usually dig into the database of covered drug plans. It is likely that your medicine is not covered by any plans (in this case, you can try to find a covered analog). This “coverage” needs to be carefully examined before concluding an agreement.

We often hear a question – how much will my prescription cost without insurance? There’s a simple answer. The best option is to shop around using drug price comparison tools. This way can learn how much your prescription will cost without insurance. The article also mentions some other ways to save on your medications.

6 Ways to Save on Your Prescriptions Without Insurance

Prescription Drugs Without Insurance

Check if it is possible to replace an expensive drug with an analog

Many popular and expensive drugs have cheaper analogs (generics) – drugs with the same active substance. For example, Viagra has a cheaper analog – sildenafil. The first drug is manufactured in the USA and the second in India. They cost about $448 and $30 for a supply of 6 tablets, respectively.

The difference between such drugs comes down to the big name of the manufacturer. Therefore, you should ask your doctor if the drug has analogs and whether it is worth buying them.

Compare prices in different pharmacies

The cost of drugs in different pharmacies is not the same. There are special sites on the Internet that allow you to compare prices. With their help, you will find a cheap pharmacy and save money on your prescriptions if you have no insurance.

An example of such service is RxSaver. The site aggregates data on various U.S. pharmacies.

Order medicine online

If you order goods online, it may come out cheaper. According to this principle, for example, you can choose an online pharmacy Cheap RX. Sometimes an order can be delivered the same or next day. It is especially convenient to place orders on such sites when there is no necessary drug in the nearest pharmacies.

Keep track of promotions and use bonus cards

Let’s say you don’t want to travel around the city in search of the best price and just go to the nearest pharmacy. In this case, it is worthwhile to find out if they offer any discounts, bonuses and promo codes. For example, some pharmacies have a loyal customer bonus system.

Some pharmacies inform about promotions and special offers in advance. The main thing is not to buy too much, seduced by a discount.

Choose proven medicines

Not everything that is sold in pharmacies really heals – at least from a scientific point of view. Before buying a drug, make sure that its effectiveness has been confirmed through research.

This does not apply to many products sold in pharmacies. For example, these are nutritional supplements or homeopathic preparations. Homeopathy is considered pseudoscience.

Check expiration date

Not all purchased drugs are used immediately. Some ointment or potion can wait for years in the home first aid kit. Therefore, the longer the shelf life, the better.

If you buy a package of pain medication for a couple of pills or a sunblock for a weekend out of town, check the date on the package before paying. Perhaps this product will be useful to you in the future. And you should regularly conduct an audit of your stocks to get rid of all expired medications.

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