Prescriptions Medication

All medications are divided into two large groups:

  • over-the-counter meds;
  • prescription drugs.

The difference between them is that over-the-counter drugs are available in all conventional drugstores, while others can be purchased strictly with a prescription. This is done in order to protect the patient who will take the drug.

The fact is that prescription drugs contain potent or narcotic substances that, if uncontrolled or improperly applied, can cause severe health problems or fatal consequences for the person who takes them. Also, such drugs have specific features of their use. The list of prescription drugs is annually approved by the state pharmacovigilance authority which controls the distribution of these drugs.

What are the peculiarities of the application of prescription drugs?

Many drugs are used in emergency cases, some – in very small doses, some only in a hospital or under doctor’s supervision. The doctor who prescribes these drugs should inform you about these and other properties and the principles of treatment.

Where can I get the prescription for medications?

Only your healthcare provider is allowed to write off the prescription drugs you need. He should clearly and in detail describe for you the treatment regimen, frequency of administration and duration of its course. You, in turn, must strictly adhere to these recommendations. A violation of treatment can result in severe consequences for your body.

What to do in violation of the treatment course?

If you are taking prescription drugs and you have made a mistake in the dosage, you should immediately seek emergency medical assistance. Remember that timely treatment and detoxification can help improve health conditions.

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